Claudia Molitor

Claudia Molitor at Field Studies, 2015

Claudia Molitor is a composer/artist whose work draws on traditions of music and sound practices but also extends to video, performance and fine art. Her work often becomes a site where conventions of music notation and performance, and hierarchies of listening and seeing are explored. Running through her practice is a curiosity in un-noticed and fragile sounds, structures and thoughts. Considering the possibilities presented by the spaces between notions of artistic disciplines is also central to her work.

For Musarc, Claudia has created a new work which the choir performed at Bold Tendencies, 2013; she has taught a masterclass at Field Studies, 2014. She commissioned a new work from Joseph Kohlmaier, Musarc's founding director, for an evening Claudia curated as part of the Wednesdays at the Forge series. Claudia will be one of the artists taking part in Musarc's Christmas event on 19 December 2015.